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Investing for enduring value and profitability

Hampshire Properties, a privately-held real estate investment firm, invests in worthy but undervalued assets that possess significant growth opportunities. For every property considered for its diverse portfolio, which includes office buildings, industrial properties, and multi-family complexes throughout North America, we employ the same thorough due diligence.

Our executive, financial, and management departments collaborate to determine the value, viability, and future potential of a prospective investment. If Hampshire Properties can help guide a property to deliver a significant return over time, it invests accordingly. We then customize a strategy to realize the property’s full potential. For Hampshire Properties and its partners, the most worthwhile investments are win-wins for all, not “get rich quick” speculative schemes. Insisting on a corporate conscience that hews to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, Tomas Rosenthal founded and has helmed the company since its inception in 1988, steadily growing holdings to approximately $1 billion on behalf of it’s partners.


Hampshire Properties maintains a decidedly conservative approach in its investment operations. In all areas of risk assessment and due diligence, the company prefers a reliable and healthy profit margin rather than the lure of speculative , “get-rich-quick” opportunities. Even in the daily management and oversight of its holdings, Hampshire Properties maintains constant contact with the local managerial firms to whom operations are delegated. While each enjoys considerable autonomy, all are subject to the scrutiny and high standards that the company demands. The New York locations are managed by Hampshire Properties directly.

…Yet Aggressive

Conservatism notwithstanding, Hampshire Properties aggressively seeks out properties whose significant potential has been unrealized. The company’s executive, financial, and management departments then collaborate to determine the property’s value, and, upon ascertaining its viability, invest accordingly. The principals themselves are thoroughly involved in all aspects of due diligence. With impressive credentials and abundant experience, Hampshire Properties has developed the art of creating value opportunities into a science.


Because Hampshire Properties exerts extraordinary efforts in identifying real estate of enduring value, the company tends to purchase properties for long-term ownership, avoiding the trend of quick sales. This is in consonance with the company’s conservative philosophy, which advocates generating consistent reliable profit from well-managed holdings.